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We are your leading choice for comprehensive services in the realm of audio production. Specializing in audition sourcing and detailed analysis, expert casting, skilled direction, and high-quality demo creation, we offer a full spectrum of audio production services. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellence in every project, ensuring your needs are met with the utmost professionalism and expertise.Need sound design or composition? We can do that too! Contact us for more details.

Our Services

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Skilled talent

Audition Sourcing

Bluenova offers exclusive access to a meticulously curated private database of exceptional voice actors. We are pleased to manage your audition distribution at no cost, ensuring you connect with only the finest talent for your project needs.

Peace of mind

Audition Review & Casting

Casting voice actors requires precision, from sourcing talent to reviewing auditions and making final selections. Let us streamline this process for you - handling the audition analysis and casting process at a competitive price.

World class audio production

Demo Reels

Our skilled audio production staff and directors are seasoned, working-professionals, with a background in working on top-tier anime shows for Crunchyroll and collaborating with leading Fortune 500 brands.

Top Tier writing

Script Writing

Bluenova recognizes the crucial role of exceptional writing in creating impactful demos. Our handcrafted scripts are designed to ensure that your demo shines, particularly in the critical first ten seconds, leaving a lasting impression on directors. We proudly craft all our scripts without the use of artificial intelligence, maintaining a human touch in every word.

Crafting the Perfect soundscape

Sound Design

Our designers excel in crafting intricate soundscapes that transform visuals into a full sensory experience. Bluenova's sound design goes beyond mere background noise, meticulously crafting audio that is crisp and clean. Each sound is tailored to draw audiences deeper into the story.Using Wwise middleware, we ensure that the integration of your new game audio is seamless. Bluenova offers unique solutions tailored to your project needs.

Melodic Narratives


Music composition to fit the theme and scope of your project. Bluenova can compose original music that intricately weaves into the fabric of each narrative. Our compositions serve as a powerful storytelling tool, enhancing the emotional landscape and connecting deeply with the audience

Options for Demo Production
and Scripts

  • Character, Commercial, or Video Game: $450.00 -- Includes a recording session with live-direction, script writing, and the full audio production and mixing process for your demo.

  • Self-recorded Character, Commercial, or Video Game with NO live direction: $250.00 -- Includes script writing, and the full audio production and mixing process for your Demo. You must consult with the team to see if you're fit for self-direction.

  • Script Writing: $150.00 -- A quality written script, with up to five characters, scenes, or commercials, timed for adequate duration of an ideal demo reel.

Client Work

Prospect Talent

Voice Actors

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